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"A survey  looked into the feedback practices of 22,000 leaders around the world  and found that managers who scored near the top on giving feedback had employees who were three times more engaged. On the flip-side,  managers that scored towards the bottom had employees who were three times more likely to think about quitting." (in soapbox ) All Hands Create an all hands presentation to cover performance retrospective and goals for the week ahead. This can also be done on a monthly basis. For scale up companies where the teams start to get very specific responsibilities, communication can lose effectiveness unless frequency is increased to promote alignment. Slidebean  has a great template to follow   If you want to ask for feedback on your All-Hands format you can use a simple typeform survey or also a dedicated tool like Polly .    360 Reviews “The 360 review differs from an employee appraisa l which traditionally provides the employee with the opinion of his or her performance as viewed by their manager. These employee appraisals tend to focus on the progress the employee achieved on job goals . The 360 review tends to focus more on how the employee affected the work of other employees then on whether the work was accomplished.” (in ) has a great template for 360 reviews .   Typeform also has a great template to customise.  121s There are two types of 121s - the structured and the informal. Ideally I´d do both every other week. The structured 121 takes the role of a performance retrospective, has more content and specific examples of what to improve both ways.   The informal 121 is more focused on future goals and vision, feels more personal and should feel like a mentoring session. I usually do these over lunch or coffee to check in and pin point frustrations.   For the structured 121s there are a number of tools available to help. Most of performance management tools have a feature for this. For a long time I used a google doc template that I´d customise according to teams and individuals. You can download my template here .   Since we moved to BetterWorks I have now moved my 121s there too and it really helps having all documented in the same place.   There are other tools to help organising 121 feedback.   Soapbox   Duuuo   Daily Standups 5 Minutes Per Person. No laptops. The goal here is to answer the following questions:   What I did yesterday What I plan on doing today Roadblocks   Get your team in a circle. When working with remote teams it´s important to make sure you´re not exclusing remote team members. Use a video conferencing tool or try one of the great tools available at Slack´s marketplace. Polly  Geekbot   Performance Reviews The only way to increase performance is with feedback. Quarterly performance reviews are a great way to keep your team members on a successful track and establish a path and goals for the next quarter. Some great tools to implement performance reviews on your company here .  
  Only 2% of applicants get the interview. "First impressions matter when competing for the job you want. Recruiters spend less than 6 seconds deciding whether your resume or CV is worth a second look." (in )   Visual CV “Our mission is to empower individuals to accomplish their career goals. We believe that one of the best investments an individual can make is in their career. A successful career follows a simple formula: Set ambitious goals. Work hard to accomplish them. Repeat. We follow that formula when building products that power career success.Since launching in 2014, over 1 million individuals globally have used the new VisualCV to take the next step in their careers. Our mission is to help millions more people navigate the challenge of building a fulfilling career.”   Standard Resume “We set out help people get the jobs they want by making professional resumes that are easy to read, focused on content, with the right amount of personality. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a designer to put together a great resume, one that recruiters and hiring managers can quickly and easily read. After all, a resume is not a portfolio, and often superfluous and excessive styling can have a negative effect on the applicant.”     A free version is available but for $5 a month you can have multiple resumes and analytics on what versions are performing better. Sample CV Novo Resume “We ask recruiters what makes for a successful resume. Then we take these insights and build them into our resume templates. So, when you use our online resume builder, you know you are giving recruiters exactly what they want.”     Includes a free version for a maximum of one page CV and memberships start at 6,99€ for the premium version.   Sample CV CEEV “Ceev takes the hassle out of creating a resume by doing most of the work for you. Add your content, choose a theme, then customize it using an insanely straightforward interface.”     There's a pro version with access to all templates and multiple cv creation. Sample CV EnchanCV “Our mission is to help talented people believe in themselves and unleash their full potential We've seen a lot of incredibly talented people who are dissatisfied with their current job or job prospects simply because they aren't able to strongly present themselves. You need to show your dream employer that you are a perfect match with your skill-set, motivation, and most importantly, personality. Enhancv is here to give the power back to you and help you tell the world who you really are.”     Pro Plan available for $14,99 with a 14 day trial period. Sample CV     CakeResume “CakeResume makes it easy for everyone to build a resume-like personal website. Users can drag and drop our pre-designed resume snippet templates and decide the best layout to highlight their personal characteristics” Pricing includes a free basic version and another two paid versions, one for $3,95 and another one for $9,96. “At, we believe that building a job-worthy resume should be a fast and simple process. In fact, we’ve always been about building systems that are quick and easy-to-use, yet consistently get good results”   Sample CV
Performance Reviews can have great impact on how we empower our teams to achieve goals and tackle roadblocks.   We chose 5 great tools to consider including on your tool stack to better structure team appraisals.  Teambit "Teambit helps teams create a high performing culture by making feedback a daily habit."     The tool also includes feedback, praise and surveys. According to founders Alex and Bohdan "Hundred-question annual employee surveys don’t work. They take too much time for your team to reply, so the participation is low unless you send constant reminders. They take too much time for you to analyze, so by the time the results are ready, they have already lost their relevance. And if you improve something, you’ll have to wait months to test if that was enough. That doesn’t make sense! "That's why we’ve built lightweight regular surveys. They are friendly and easy for your team to reply, they are fast to analyze, and the results are updated on an ongoing basis. Start getting insights into your team in real time" (   Reflektive Trello is a productivity tool "with a million ways to use". Their inspiration collection has templates like Conference Planning, Editorial Calendar Calendar or New Hire Onboarding.    PeopleGoal "PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service. We connect company objectives to personal goal setting and join everything together with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews." ( )   Betterworks "Founded in 2013, BetterWorks was built with one simple goal in mind: to make work better. We’d all experienced the struggles of traditional performance management at other jobs – setting and forgetting goals once a year, rarely receiving feedback on our work from peers or managers, struggling to help our own teams stay engaged, and never quite knowing how our work mattered to the company. We knew there had to be a better way."  ( )  Great talent thrives for communication and companies known for attracting great talent collect and give feedback on a regular basis. Great managers and leaders inspire through constructive conversations, transparency and clear instructions on what they expect their teams to grow.   
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