Job Trends for 2018

The job market continues to change at a fast pace. Companies are going above and beyond to be chosen by the best talent available.

Glassdoor Chief Economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, released a report where he “forecasts what lies ahead for the future of work and hiring, including the impact of new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), on HR and finance; the sectors that are driving job creation; and how mobile is changing the way people find and apply for jobs”

On a first consideration the report includes the trends that defined 2017.

  • Tech Jobs Are Spreading
  • Booming Hiring
  • The Power of Whistleblowers
  • Goodbye Annual Reviews, Hello Workplace Learning
  • The Year of the Informed Candidate

Trends to watch in 2018:

  • Application is more transparent

Companies are shifting their mentalities to keep the candidate engaged at all times. Practices like sharing the recruitment process from day 1, expectations, timeline for results final feedback (even when the candidate doesn’t get the opportunity) are getting more and more common.

  • Learning in the workplace

Trying different roles until the candidate feels comfortable and challenged or simply because they want to learn about different tasks not common on his daily basis is also one of the techniques that companies are using to attract talent.

  • Mobile Job Applications

Although there are plenty of marketplaces and job boards available online, there are still a lot of platforms not optimised for mobile. According to Chamberlain “although mobile job search is on the rise, mobile job application experiences remain painful for most job seekers”. That’s just one of the reasons to see more career mobile applications rising pointed out in the report.

  • Implementation of AI

Automation of tasks to improve processes, specially applied to HR or Finance. The growth of bots makes it easier to automate scheduling interview and meeting scheduling. Financial processes can make use of machine learning to do credit analysis or trade execution.

  • Demographics drive job creation

Not only the innovation and technology are driving a powerful transformation on the job market. The fact that population is ageing also affects the type of jobs being created. A high investment on industries like the medical care one triggers the growth of jobs for their needs. In the US “More than 1.1 million new jobs are expected for home health care aides between 2016 and 2026. Similarly, registered nurses, medical assistants, and nursing assistants all appear on the BLS’s list of top roles for job growth”.


By TravelTechJob Team