5 Ways to Get Employee Feedback

"A survey looked into the feedback practices of 22,000 leaders around the world and found that managers who scored near the top on giving feedback had employees who were three times more engaged. On the flip-side,  managers that scored towards the bottom had employees who were three times more likely to think about quitting." (in soapbox)

All Hands

Create an all hands presentation to cover performance retrospective and goals for the week ahead. This can also be done on a monthly basis. For scale up companies where the teams start to get very specific responsibilities, communication can lose effectiveness unless frequency is increased to promote alignment.

Slidebean has a great template to follow


If you want to ask for feedback on your All-Hands format you can use a simple typeform survey or also a dedicated tool like Polly.


 360 Reviews

“The 360 review differs from an employee appraisal which traditionally provides the employee with the opinion of his or her performance as viewed by their manager. These employee appraisals tend to focus on the progress the employee achieved on job goals. The 360 review tends to focus more on how the employee affected the work of other employees then on whether the work was accomplished.”(in has a great template for 360 reviews.


Typeform also has a great template to customise. 


There are two types of 121s - the structured and the informal. Ideally I´d do both every other week. The structured 121 takes the role of a performance retrospective, has more content and specific examples of what to improve both ways.


The informal 121 is more focused on future goals and vision, feels more personal and should feel like a mentoring session. I usually do these over lunch or coffee to check in and pin point frustrations.


For the structured 121s there are a number of tools available to help. Most of performance management tools have a feature for this. For a long time I used a google doc template that I´d customise according to teams and individuals. You can download my template here.


Since we moved to BetterWorks I have now moved my 121s there too and it really helps having all documented in the same place.


There are other tools to help organising 121 feedback.




Daily Standups

5 Minutes Per Person. No laptops. The goal here is to answer the following questions:


  • What I did yesterday
  • What I plan on doing today
  • Roadblocks


Get your team in a circle. When working with remote teams it´s important to make sure you´re not exclusing remote team members. Use a video conferencing tool or try one of the great tools available at Slack´s marketplace.




Performance Reviews

The only way to increase performance is with feedback. Quarterly performance reviews are a great way to keep your team members on a successful track and establish a path and goals for the next quarter.

Some great tools to implement performance reviews on your company here.