5 Onboarding Checklist Templates

Looking to get organised and give the best impression to your employees on their first day? Here is a collection of onboarding checklists that you can customise or get inspiration from. 


Airtable has lots of great templates to help keep track of processes like Content Marketing, Event Planning or Recruitment checklists. One of them is dedicated to Employee Onboarding.  

You get a task checklist, team participants from the employee experience and onboarding resources like playbooks or knowledge base articles. 

You can get the checklist here



Trello is a productivity tool "with a million ways to use". Their inspiration collection has templates like Conference Planning, Editorial Calendar Calendar or New Hire Onboarding. 


You can copy this Trello board and customise it here.



The work management platform that provides software for processes offers a collection of onboarding templates, some of them completely dedicated to IT and Development teams. 

You can the templates from here



The "simple process and workflow management" tool offers templates to manage tasks like IT Support, New Client Setup or Onboarding Template. 

You can select this template and customise it from here 



The employee onboarding platform provides a web portal for task and document management and a slack integration to get updates. 


There´s a free plan available here