Performance Reviews Tools to Improve your Company's Culture

Performance Reviews can have great impact on how we empower our teams to achieve goals and tackle roadblocks.  

We chose 5 great tools to consider including on your tool stack to better structure team appraisals. 


"Teambit helps teams create a high performing culture by making feedback a daily habit."  


The tool also includes feedback, praise and surveys. According to founders Alex and Bohdan "Hundred-question annual employee surveys don’t work. They take too much time for your team to reply, so the participation is low unless you send constant reminders. They take too much time for you to analyze, so by the time the results are ready, they have already lost their relevance. And if you improve something, you’ll have to wait months to test if that was enough. That doesn’t make sense! "That's why we’ve built lightweight regular surveys. They are friendly and easy for your team to reply, they are fast to analyze, and the results are updated on an ongoing basis. Start getting insights into your team in real time" (



Trello is a productivity tool "with a million ways to use". Their inspiration collection has templates like Conference Planning, Editorial Calendar Calendar or New Hire Onboarding. 



"PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service. We connect company objectives to personal goal setting and join everything together with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews." (



"Founded in 2013, BetterWorks was built with one simple goal in mind: to make work better. We’d all experienced the struggles of traditional performance management at other jobs – setting and forgetting goals once a year, rarely receiving feedback on our work from peers or managers, struggling to help our own teams stay engaged, and never quite knowing how our work mattered to the company. We knew there had to be a better way."  (

 Great talent thrives for communication and companies known for attracting great talent collect and give feedback on a regular basis. Great managers and leaders inspire through constructive conversations, transparency and clear instructions on what they expect their teams to grow.