Travel Industry Podcasts to Bookmark

Skift Podcasts

From Skift, one of the best content and learning resources for the travel industry:

 “Every week, we sit down with creatives, executives and entrepreneurs from across the travel industry to discuss their insights and perspectives on the how and why of travelers’ habits, industry patterns and the seismic changes happening to each.”


Check the podcasts here

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Fuel is a digital agency specialised in marketing solutions for hotels. Their solutions cover software needs with tools like booking engine, CRM, website development and integrations, plus marketing services like SEO and PPC.  


Their podcast is a a “weekly discussion on the latest and greatest hotel industry news and events. Each week, a group of talented hotel marketers from Fuel meet to share our thoughts on the weekly topic. Each episode offers actionable tips and tactics that your hotel can implement to help you put more heads in beds, reduce your reliance on OTAs, and improve your hotel marketing operations”


You can find them all here


“ represents the change needed by the currently fragmented hotel and travel technology landscape. We do this by building a community that embraces wider social awareness, through a content driven platform to educate, plan, implement, and optimise technology in the industry.


Their travel technology podcast includes sessions like:


  • Max Waldmann | Founder & CEO, Conichi


We talk with Max Waldmann, Founder & CEO of Conichi about the challenges faced by hotel tech start-ups, hoteliers and the corporate traveller.


  • Richard Valtr | MEWS Systems


In this episode we talk with Richard Valtr (Founder) of MEWS Systems about his personal hospitality experiences that influenced his vision for MEWS Systems.”


You can find all their sessions here



“Chewing the fat and talking hotel tech.

Fabian + Erik are hotel tech specialists and go deep and sometimes off tangent on all things hotel tech related.

A bit of banter, some useful education, reviewing hotel tech startups, industry news and demystifying industry buzzwords.

Two SMART Fellas (SMART = Sales, Marketing and Revenue tech)”


Their channel is available on youtube and some of the sessions cover B2B Marketing in Hotel Tech or Revenue Management.

 You can find all sessions available here