Wanup is the new loyalty club solution for top guest-rated hotel chains and independent hotels.
The club, launched in 2016, caters to a new generation of frequent travellers keen to discover unique hotels while accumulating rewards and receiving special treatment for their travel purchases. The collection includes more than 800 properties ranging from design hotels and boutiques, to beach resorts, villas, business hotels and much more. Wanup Rewards go above points to offer members the perks they really want based on their interests and travel preferences.
Wanup is the first loyalty club to combine hotel perks and monetary rewards with a diverse product offering (price, destinations, hotel types) to suit the needs of millennial frequent travelers. With headquarters in Barcelona, the team of more than 80 professionals is reinventing hotel loyalty in 15 European and Caribbean markets, with plans to continue its international expansion efforts across new regions next year.