Unitrips Travel

We are a professional group with an  international background who want to offer something different to a different audience. We are enthusiastic in what we do, our dream is to organize trips to share adventures with amazing people like you!

We want to emit our experiences and enthusiasm and at the same time learn about you and your culture. So if you’re a sociable person who likes to share experiences, meet people from all over the world and enjoy travelling, you are in the right place!



Travelling with a group can be an amazing experience as it enables you to meet people from around the world. This is a two-way learning process:  you learn about places you visit, and about the people you visit them with!


Travelling with a group saves CO2 emissions and reduces the pollution that is produced by tourism.


Yes… exactly like Ryan Air! We spend no time or money on unnecessary or superficial luxuries. We offer a basic and efficient service for a very competitive price.

Don’t think twice!

Life is too short and the world too big for having doubts! It doesn’t matter if you are a student, on the Erasmus program, just passing through Europe or if you’re thinking about a gap year… Twenty years from now you’ll be regretting everything you didn’t do!

Almost all of our travelers come back to travel with us, as for many, travel is a way of life! The few who couldn’t come back to us live with the memory of the amazing experiences and times we have shared together.