Hetras, a Shiji Group Brand

We make technology “get out of the way,” so hotels can focus on the guest experience. Having continued to evolve and innovate through the years, Hetras has grown beyond the traditional idea of a property management systems behind a front desk and moved towards a guest-focused system, including all touch points of a modern guest journey. Together with our hotel clients, we noticed that guests are much more satisfied when they can skip the wait, and when staff are working alongside the guests throughout the experience. So, we moved beyond just a cloud-based system to a mobile system and guest journey, where guests can control their own stay on their own devices, or via a tablet in the lobby. This essentially keeps the guest at the center of his journey. Hotels can concentrate on service and not computers or technology. Hetras is a Shiji Group Brand, one of the largest international hotel technology suppliers. www.shijigroup.com